Dear visitors to the Summit page! The HealingAmericaSummit with the FREE interviews is over. People from 63 countries around the WORLD participated! 

If YOU want to have the same experience as them, SEE & DOWNLOAD the interviews & Zoom workshops, then please BUY a package. It will serve YOU and YOUR loved ones one day, it may even save someone’s LIFE! God bless you, Michael, Lea, Dimitri, Konstantin & Christian

the world has gone crazy like never before and we are experiencing a challenging time!

Vaccines, Immigrants, Transhumanism, War, NWO...
Bible Prophecies of End-Time & 5D consciousness rising...

Healing America Summit speakers from the US, Europe and Australia will provide YOU with real science, insider knowledge, natural medicine and energy healing to help YOU be SUCCESSFUL in 2024!

Your speaker are leading experts from around the WORLD

Medical doctors, scientists, lawyers, US-Sheriff, TV-speakers, medical researchers, WHO-experts, pharma insiders, historical & political experts, healer, coaches, fitness influencer and more…
They will tell YOU:

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Dear visitors to the Summit page! The HealingAmericaSummit with the FREE interviews is over. People from 63 countries around the WORLD participated! 

If YOU want to have the same experience as them, SEE & DOWNLOAD the interviews & Zoom workshops, then please BUY a package. It will serve YOU and YOUR loved ones one day, it may even save someone’s LIFE! God bless you, Michael, Lea, Dimitri, Konstantin & Christian

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Insights & Solutions

What is the Healing America Summit?

This HealingAmericaSummit is for YOU if you're wondering, "What's going on out there?"

The Summit shows you all you need to "connect the dots"!

It helps to wake up, realize and see with new eyes, to make BETTER DECISIONS for a BETTER FUTURE!

We only have all those problems in the USA & worldwide, in each family, business, finance, health, body & mind,
because we DON´T KNOW …

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These experts will accompany you at the Healing America Summit

Michael König-Breuss
Summit Host. Spiritual healer, rebellion & Soul-language / Light-language teacher
Stefanie Bruns
Quantum Psychologist and Business Mentor
Dr. Jane Ruby
Medical Professional Former Pharma Industry Insider Drug Development Expert
Lawana Haney
Figure Competitor, Root Wellness Ambassador, Anti-Aging Specialist, Superfood Nutritionist , Fitness Coach and Energy Practitioner
Clayton Thomas
Detoxification and Nutritional Supplement Specialist, Researcher, Founder of Root-Brands
Trent Loos
Voice of Rural America
Jane Hampton Cook
Award-winning author, national media commentator, columnist
Durga Holzhauser
Intuitiv Healer, Cleansing out Covid-Vaccination, International Speaker, Author of 3 Jesus books
Cyntha Koeter-The Fall of the Cabal
Truth seeker, Filmmaker "The Fall of the Cabal"
Valeria Marie Tignini – Magdalene
Valeria Marie Tignini - Magdalene
Tom Renz
Americas lawyer for THE PEOPLE. Fight Covid lies & election fraud
Sheriff Calvin H. Hayden
A Sheriff FOR the PEOPLE. Compassion for our people
Ann Vandersteel
Mom, Wife,Truther: Hardcore unapologetic patriot on a mission to restore the republic
Dr. Joy Martina
Psychic Psychologist with an otherworldly ability to ‘see’
Catharina Roland
Catharina is a filmmaker with heart and soul and a visionary for paradise
Anja Schäfer
Ambassador of Venusian spirituality
Oliver Moos
Founder & CEO of StakedX, CEO, investor, and consultant for Crypto
Michael Alois Wagner
Visionary lateral & forward thinker - economic mystic Hall of Fame - fitness influencer lecturer in quantum theory
Dr. Christina Rahm
Product developer. Background in biotechnology, pharmaceutical management & nutrition. A Master of Science, PhD in Psychology
Mary Graner
Film maker, leading woman, Producer of "Ladys of Another View"
Cornelia Victoria Harms
Publisher, Producer, Change Creator, Creating Connecting Communication
Alan Steinfeld
Host and Producer of New Realities on New York City cable and New Realities on his YouTube channel.
Michael König-Breuss / Aliens & Nano-bots
Healer, Soul-language teacher, energetic cleansing of alien & Nano-bots & SMART-technique influence
PhD. Brian Hooker
Senior Director of Science & Research at Children’s Health Defense. Biologist & chemist at Simpson University.
Mel K – Mel K Show
The "Mel K Show" - make sense of the senseless. Show truth to awaken the people.
Judith Gschwandtl
Natural healing therapist, mentor and energy alchemist for deep self-love and dignified self-leadership, mom and protector of all lives
Zeffi Devi
Spiritual coach. Tantric teacher. Intuitiv healer.
Christoph Heuermann
Entrepreneur, investor, advisor, author, and founder of Staatenlos and Global Freedom Strategist
Alexander Krakolinig
Energy and Selfmastery, Spiritual teacher / healer, Sportscientist and ex professional Athlete, Researcher of secret knowledge
James Roguski
Expert on WHO and Exposing Mis-information. Researcher, author, natural health proponent.
Storm Dillenschneider
Daughter of The Most High God, Mrs. Elite Universe 2024, stand Advocate against Fentanyl
Salomea Klaus
Osteopath BSc, alternative practitioner, embodiment coach, conference presenter
Dr. Galina Semyonova
DOM (DOCTOR OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE), MS (MASTERS OF SCIENCE) Highly qualified medical practitioners. Eastern and Western medical practices
Johann Nepomuk Maier
Author, host, filmmaker for supernatural phenomena
Dr. Leonard Coldwell
Dr. Leonard Coldwell. Founder of Instant Based Medicine System. Cancer healing expert
Eesha Patel
Galactic Embassador for the Galactic federation
Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
President, Owner AM Medical LLC. Internal Medicine/ Integrative Health Services
Christie Hutcherson
Women Fighting for America to help take back America
Max Reeder
Veteran helping veterans choose healing ability over disability. Heal yourself with mind + energy

2024 is the year of EXPOSURE! Let's use it for OUR SUCCESS!

That the USA, American PEOPLE and PEOPLE AROUND the world HEAL, AWAKEN & THRIVE!

That the whole WORLD and all humans can benefit from the
Healing America Summit!

Be part oft he WAKING UP MOVEMENT for the USA & the whole WORLD!


Manipulation of humanity, HOW, WHERE & WHY:

Emotional & Mental Solutions:

Body & health solutions:

May higher spirits, God, Universe leads all of us in a NEW harmonious way of living together with family, friends, nature like never before!

Let's use the power of many, the power of the people, to get the LIFE, we as DIVINE SOULS DESERVE!

Summit Host

Michael König-Breuss

Why do I organize this Healing America Summit?

I am from Austria, the “Sound of Music land”. After living a life as spiritual Skiguide & Tourguide, I started 2006 as an energetic therapist – healer. Already my grandfather was a healer for over 40 Years, who helped even people in the hospital when Dr. couldn´t help anymore.
I am specialized expert in clearing – releasing peoples energy field of KARMA & foreign energy (old death experiences, fears, curse, black magic, demons…) and teacher for SOUL LANGUAGE – LIGHT LANGUAGE – TALKING IN TONGUES, probably the oldes Frequency healing technique on planet earth!

I knew in 2006 already, that „the mandatory vaccination with nano chips to track, manipulate or even switch of people“ will come. I saw presentations of this technique on the Austrian TV ORF already in 2014. I heard of plenty Pharma insiders, my ski guests how Pharma companies reduce people on purpose, how the money system is working, how Rockefeller / Rothschild are giving orders to politics in the USA & worldwide, how chemtrails & frequency manipulation is used and so on….

Since the COVID plan-demic started, I realized the ability, to significantly delete & destroy COVID-vaccination & COVID-testing “sideffects”. I can “see” nano-chips & nano-bots inside vaccinated people and feel it when they touch me. BUT, in the best case, I was able to eliminate all this via Soul-language energy work!

I always wanted to help people in a bigger scale. With Covid it was enough and the idea was born, to organize an Online-Summit to inform and wake up the people that are ready to be awakened. NOW it’s time to WAKE UP and take ACTION.

Read more HERE:

It seems to be a BIG plan of the divine, to wake us people UP! To get us MOVE FORWARD, UPWARD to our „true potential“.

From heart to heart,
Michael König-Breuss

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